Les Sweet Transvestites


About the Cast


Avril 28, 2007

Back : Christophe (Riff Raff), Daphné (Eddie / Dr Scott), Perry Bedden (Usherette), Antoine (Frank),
Dimitri (Rocky), Cécilia (Columbia), JP (Brad), Brigitte (Magenta),
Front : Olivia (Janet),


The Sweet Transvestites shadow cast was created in May 2001. Since then we're performing every Saturday at 10h10 pm (and only on Saturday), at the Studio Galande, home of the RHPS for more than 20 years and the only cinema to show the movie in France and we also receive guests from international casts.

On June 25th, 2005, at the Vegas Con, thanks to Ruth Fink-Winter, Sal Piro, president and founder of the Official International Fan Club, approved our cast The Sweet Transvestites as his representant in France and the Official French Rocky Horror Fan Club. Which was confirmed by Richard O'Brien on Avril 18th, 2007 in London

To answer a question frequently asked by some people who think we get paid for that: “we are all volunteers!” (just like the other casts that perform or have performed at the Studio Galande) and anywhere in the world as far as I know. And we pay for our costumes, which are made by Brigitte (Magenta)

However, you can hire us for a private show outside the Studio Galande for Students Unions’ events, film festivals, or any other occasions.


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