Les Sweet Transvestites


Brigitte 5 ans d'animation5 ans d'animation5 ans d'animation5 ans d'animation5 ans d'animation

Magenta / Trixie
Co-founder and Cast Manager

Favorite RHPS Character? Now I'm not quiet sure but I remember when I saw the film, at first It was Columbia

Why? For her sequined costumes. I always loved sequins and rhinestones !

Where do you live? Paris

Sign? Capricorn

Relationship status? Christophe's partner since 1995

When did you first see RHPS? The film in 1996 on TV. Shadow cast in September 1999 

Debut role? Columbia

Have you been in other cast? The Absent Friends from May 2000 to May 2001 and the Zen Room from March to August 2001

Favorite Scene? Floor Show

Favorite Call-Back line? « Que font les morpions sur tes couilles, Narrateur ? » (What do the crebs do on your balls, Chuckie?) 

Favorite Website? Cosmo's Factory and these days, the American News Groups and LiveJournal to keep in touch

Favorite Colour? Well everybody say it's not a colour, but still I do prefer black !

Favorite Music? The Rolling Stones

Favori Food? Sandwiches filled with merguez (spicy sausages) and chips (but now it's strictly forbidden to me) and falafels

Favorite Movie? « Les Enfants du Paradis » by Marcel Carné.

Favorite TV Show? Mission: Impossible, Farscape, Stargate SG1, OZ

Others talents or hobbies? Starting from the beginning, I started as an actress and I also was the manager of rock bands, and was even a member in one of them, the Dead Sea Fruit (this band is now as dead as the aforementionned sea. Then, she became the assistant to an interior decorator and a gilder for antique dealers. 
I'm involved in parapsychology and particularly in reincarnation!
I'm fascinated by Ancient Egypt, Atlantis and by History in general. 
And more daily sewing being the costume maker of the cast and webdesign being the webmistress of our site.

Why do you like RHPS? Cause it's completely crazy and immoral !!! I love everything nonconformist , not " normal "... The RHPS totally reflects the  vision of life of the younger generation in the 70's and the refusal of Judaeo-Christians and pseudo family values. 

Comments : On Mai 14th, 2005, we celebrate, Christophe and I, our 300th consecutive show and our 5 years  of shadowcasting