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In France the Rocky is quite different than in any other country. First of all the film is not widely known and therefore the audience does not know the jokes. The people hardly ever come dressed up (though we love it) but that does not mean they’re not involved in the show  Indeed, the cast members make a lot of jokes (both in French and English), go in the audience, sit on people’s laps, pretend to have wild sex with some lucky ones, make them come on stage, etc.

Most of the time, people only come with rice and water (which is quite good) but they usually don’t do the rubber gloves/party hat/cards/newspaper things. But of course, you can bring noisemakers, cards, toasts, rubber gloves and come dress up if you like.

Then of course, EVERYBODY dances the Time Warp, and for those who don’t know how, there’s a little rehearsal just before the film. The audience is also explained how to “welcome” Brad & Janet, etc, so that even RHPS virgins take part during the film/show!

Then again, EVERYBODY dances during Hot Patootie and Wild And Untamed Thing.

To get an idea of what you can expect, here is a slide showof the performance in 46 pics. As far as what's happening in the cinema room is concerned, I won't show you more, you'll see when you come, but be sure there is a real interaction between the cast and the audience.…



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