Les Sweet Transvestites


Christophe 5 ans d'animation5 ans d'animation5 ans d'animation5 ans d'animation5 ans d'animation

Riff Raff
 Co-founder of the cast 

Riff Raff

Favorite RHPS Character? Riff Raff

Why? He's my Daddy 

Where do you live? Paris

Sign? Aries

Relationship status? Brigitte's partner since 1995

When did you first see RHPS? In 1996 on TV

Dans quel rôle avez vous débuté ? As audience member as Rocky, as cast member as Criminologist, then as Rocky

Have you been in other cast? The Absent Friends from May 2000 to May 2001 and the Zen Room from February to August 2001

Favorite Scene? In the movie, the Flooshow, in the show, the male "rape" (when Frank screws Brad)

Favorite Call-Back line?  «Dr Scott : I happen to know a great deal about a lot of things - Except walking!»

Favorite Colour? Black

Favorite Music?  Led Zeppelin, T-Rex, The Rolling Stones, Pixies

Favorite Food? Minced meat with mashed potatoes

Favorite Movie? «Hair» by Milos Forman

Favorite TV Show? Twin Peaks, OZ, Farscape

Others talents or hobbies? Computer, photo editing softwares, particulary Photoshop (I take the pics during the shows, I do the videos editing and I'm in charge of all the printing business : posters, flyers, etc.). Nevertheless I have a strong preference for 3D animation. (I designed the Moulin Rouge on the frontpage of the website). I like to create and fix things, therefore I made all the props for the show. 

Why do you like RHPS? I only like the movie with a live performance

Comments : On Mai 14th, 2005, we celebrate, Brigitte and I, our 300th consecutive show and our 5 years of shadowcasting